Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Great Ayton 'Knights' v Hartlepool

Ian Richardson 0.5 - 0.5 Keith Smith
Joe Richardson 0.5 - 0.5 Bernie Price
Philip Whittingham 0 - 1 Bill Wilson
Alan Reed 0 - 1 Dave Smith
Alan Jefferson 0 - 1 Eddie Glass
Great Ayton 'Knights' 1 - 4 Hartlepool

I finished early, Phil fell into an old trap - we've all done it in one form or another.

Eddie was next to down his foe, a hard battle on the bottom board and a welcome return to chess for Alan.

I didn't see alot of Dave Smith's victory but he was 3rd to claim a point and seal the match result.

This only left our top 2 players Bernie and Keith. Bernie had a promising position and turned down a draw offer from Joe (By moving his queen to a square where Joe could fork it and a rook.) Joe could have won this position but offered another draw a few moves later which Bernie accepted faster than I've ever seen him move.

Keith was a piece up for 2 pawns, and offered a draw. He probably had chances to win but it didn't look quick and the match is already well over.

A good start to the campaign for the Hartlepool Heroes.

Random Trivia: Great Ayton doesn't have t-mobile coverage. But there was an open WIFI.

Bernie (Left) ponders the best way to decline a draw.

"about that draw ..."


Unrelated Cleveland Individual Match. Can't help thinking that Peter would have performed a little better had he actually eaten the peanuts.

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